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We are Catholic Women Speak

Towards a deeper, richer understanding of the Catholic tradition

We are creating a space for open dialogue, theological exploration and collaboration among Catholic women in the worldwide Church.

We seek to bring Catholic women’s voices into dialogue with others in the Catholic Church, with those in other churches and religious traditions, and with wider society, in order to participate in a deeper, richer understanding of the Catholic tradition and its relevance for our times

We do not speak with one voice

We find great creativity by acknowledging and allowing our differences. We regard these as creative aspects of the process of learning and growing towards one another in faith.

Diversity is a strength
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We speak as women, not as “Woman”

We resist any attempt to develop a theology of “Woman”. 

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A forum for dialogue

The purpose of the forum is to create an informed and honest space for dialogue around issues relevant to the lives of Catholic women in the Church and society.

Comments and contributions which are respectful, courteous and intelligent are welcome here.

Whatever your gender, you are welcome to join our conversation here.

Catholic Women Discuss Studying Theology

BEATRICE: I have a question for theologians among us. Has being a theologian contributed to personal spiritual growth and clarity, and let's name it piety, or not? How did it contribute (or not)? SOFIA: Well,

Catholic women discuss saints and asceticism

SOPHIE: Hello all! I am doing some research and writing on women saints and blesseds from about the twelfth century to the present and have found a terrific number of them who are celebrated for

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We are a global network

We are the voices of Catholic women from many different cultures, perspectives and walks of life, united by a shared belief that the Church will benefit from greater inclusion of women’s perspectives and theological insights in the interpretation of doctrine and the development of pastoral practice.
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We are an online community of nearly 3000 women


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I Was A Stranger – by Kaya Oakes

I Was a Stranger: New York Activists Stage a Lenten Action for Sanctuary Every Friday in Lent, a group of activists has stood outside of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan with a large banner reading “When

Discovering God through the Arts – by Melanie Newbould

In these blogs, I am going to describe how I gradually came to realise that

Women in the Early Church, What Egeria Sees – by Sara Parvis

Egeria (also known as Etheria or Silvia) is one of a handful of early Christian

Dust of Lent – by Catherine Cavanagh

Lent - the slow-down, the rhythm of peace, the deep searching, the rediscovering of the

Epilogue – Catholic Women Speak

The foregoing is a chorus of women’s voices from many cultures, contexts, ages and stages

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News and events

Zuzanna Radzik Nominated Church Person of the Year

Many congratulations to CWS member and feminist theologian Zuzanna Radzik, who has been nominated along with two others as Person of the Year in the Church category by Poland’s largest liberal daily newspaper,

Catholic Women Speak: Sharing the Vision by Tina Beattie

On 8th April, forty five members of Catholic Women Speak met at the University of Roehampton in London on a glorious spring day to explore ways of developing the network, particularly through local and regional groups.

New book in the works

We are delighted to announce that we are working on a new book from the Catholic Women Speak network. Following the success of the book we published to coincide with the 2015 Synod on the

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Men and women, young people and adults, communicate differently. They speak different languages and they act in different ways. Everyone has something to contribute, because they have their life experiences, they look at things from a different standpoint and they have their own concerns, abilities and insights. The unity that we seek is not uniformity, but a “unity in diversity”, or “reconciled diversity”.

 – Pope Francis,  Amoris Laetitiae – The Joy of Love

Catholic Women Speak – The book

Paulist Press (US)


Alban Books (UK)


The book

The Catholic Women Speak network’s first major project was to edit an anthology of Catholic women’s writings that was published to coincide with the opening of the October 2015 Synod on the Family. 300 copies of the book were made available free of charge to Synod participants and displayed on a table in the Synod Hall, and we understand that nearly of them were taken.


Review of Catholic Women Speak in Tui Motu InterIsland Magazine

Catholic Women Speak: Bringing our Gifts to the Table is, I believe, a significant contribution to the discussion around the role of women in the Catholic Church in the 21st century. It is not only well-researched, but is a lively and thought-provoking read. I thoroughly recommend it.

Daily Theology, ‘Review: Catholic Women Speak’

One of the strengths of the volume is the plurality of voices, which do not speak with a single, unified opinion on controversy. This is all the better, really, to reflect the complexity of women’s lives. I can easily see this book being valuable for pastors and pastoral associates, for parish book clubs, for academics to use in their classrooms when dealing with perennially hot-button topics.

Vox Nova, Jeannine Marie Pitas, Book Review: ‘Catholic Women Break Their Silence’:

For me, this book is a breath of fresh air. A thick wall of silence has been broken; masks have been removed. It is refreshing to see these forty-four women speak in such a courageous, vulnerable and self-revealing way. This book is a must-read for all who seek a better understanding of the real, lived experience of women in the Catholic Church today.

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This private Facebook group is open to bona fide members who self-identify as Catholic women. It offers a secure and confidential forum for dialogue, awareness raising and theological engagement around issues of concern to women in the Church and society. If you wish to join in the conversation please contact us

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Whatever your gender, you are welcome to join our conversation here.

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The purpose of the website is to create an informed and honest space for dialogue around issues relevant to the lives of Catholic women in the Church and society. Comments and contributions which are respectful, courteous and intelligent are welcome here.

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We are delighted to collaborate with L’Osservatore Romano in distributing the English translation of their Women Church World magazine through our website.

L’Osservatore Romano – Mary of the Others

Mary of the Others - May 2017 Mary is not only ours – that is, she does not belong only to the Catholic and Orthodox faithful who venerate her – but she also belongs

L’OSSERVATORE ROMANO – The Loneliness of Women

The Loneliness of Women - April edition   The loneliness of women is the theme of this issue. It is an immense theme, since its multiple aspects may be expressed in thousands of different


Women and Reform - March Edition The anniversary of the decision of Luther, who initiated the separation between Protestants and Catholics 500 years ago, may be approached from different points of view. Of course what interests

In collaboration with Catherine of Siena College

We work closely with the college which provides an online learning environment for the promotion of higher education in the fields of theology, religion, gender and social justice, intended particularly but not exclusively for women in the global South who would not otherwise have access to university education.

Both the Network and the College are administered by the University of Roehampton in London, under the umbrella of the Digby Stuart Research Centre for Religion, Society and Human Flourishing.